Videos  Expert instruction to learn something new.

Recently Added  Retrieving photos with Time Machine, Viewing movie trailers on Quicktime

Security and General Maintenance

Working with Photographs and Images

  • Changing image color Using Lightroom we change an image color, then use Photoshop to remove the existing background and add a new one.
  • Lightroom Some Lightroom walkthroughs, with more to come :-).
  • Photos Working with Apple’s Photo program.
  • Removing backgrounds from Images Using Photos and Preview we remove backgrounds from images, then save it as a file or bring it in Photoshop. You’ll need MacOS Ventura (Mac OS 13) or greater to do this.
  • Printing pictures online We go through prepping, exporting and uploading pictures for printing with an online website. I use Kodak in this example but other sites are similar.

Apple’s iWork Products (Pages, Numbers & Keynote)

3rd Party Applications

Dropbox  Installing and using Dropbox

Google Workforce for email Setting up and using Google Workforce email 

Miscellaneous Answers to common questions that we have been asked.